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Judas Kiss

As we approach GOOD Friday, I cannot help thinking of all the events that happened 2000 years ago in its minute details.

Especially the emotion of our LORD Jesus Christ who was wholly GOD and MAN, it must have been a toughest job on earth. To have the power, yet not use it with all his might and mind. Mostly , I cannot stop thinking of that person, the people, the roman soldiers and his dire devotees during the crucifixion. What was their thought process, state of mind, their hope etc.

One person who stood apart from all is Judas Iscariot. LORD Jesus had many disciples and followers active in ministry, yet he hand-picked and chose only 12 to be in his inner circle. Judas held the most important post – the treasurer. Imagine the kind of trust the group and Jesus had on him. (He was a miser and greedy which made him do his job well is a different story)


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