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ASK Testimonies

ASK Prayer night supplications were heard by AL MIGHTY GOD and answered to the needy in a profound way. We have MIRACLES happen, Great VICTORIES sought, closed doors OPENED, life RESTORED, SALVATION recieved. Read thru it to experience more.

Marriage Fixed

I was engaged to marry a person 2 yrs ago and it could not materliaze due to the problems created by my close blood relatives. I was so dejected. I was brought by my Single mom instilled with strong Christian faith. I sent my prayer request to ASK team and also took part in few prayers. LORD intervened kindly and has broken the hurdles. We are very soon to be married and the LORD also blessed me with the job! Praise the LORD! 


Jan, 2014                                                                 - KR

Breast Cancer - NEGATIVE

I was diagonsed for Breast Cancer. After sincere prayers by the ASK Prayer team and many other sisters in Christ. I saw the healing of the LORD. Lump diagnosed before miraculously disappeared by HIS grace and mercy. Praise the LORD! 


Nov, 2013                                                                - KT

Blessed with a Job

I have been looking for a good job past 1.5 yrs. Some jobs came very close and got dropped which made me more frustrated and worried. I decided to keep the prayer request with ASK team and also seek the LORD's guidance. My current job also got over by Dec 31, But the LORD opened the doors for me and offered me a good paying job with a better Title. Praise the LORD! HIS name is wonderful! Amen!  


Jan, 2014                                                              - AA

3 Yrs of Bedridden Life Changed

After a terrible accident, I was bedridden for 3 yrs forsaken by the Medical world. Fortunately I was not forsaken by the LORD. As I attended the ASK Prayer calls, I saw the mighty hands of the LORD moving in my life and HIS healing. I recieved sensation back in my lower body and limbs. I am able to sit up now. By HIS immense grace, I know I WILL walk.  Praise the LORD!


Oct, 2013                                                                         - PT

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Gift Of Child​

We lost our first pregnancy in a miscarriage. We wrote to ASK Prayer team. LORD listened to our prayers. We are expecting our first child very soon.

Jan 2013                                                                      - SS 


Our First Girl Child was born on July. All Praise to the LORD, it was a normal delivery and we feel so blessed. Thank You, Jesus


Sep 2013                                                                   - SS​



Brain Tumor Disappeared​

Two years back I was diagnosed with tumors in my lungs and it started spreading. We have been praying. Last diagnosis showed Brain tumors, By consistent prayers the tumors had minimized and I am no longer on migranes medicines. GOD is good. Thanks Ask Prayer team for your continuous supplications to the LORD. Praise GOD!                           


Sep 2013                                                                - GC 



Nine Yrs of Witch Craft Broken​

For 9 yrs I have been suffering from witch craft. I could not eat normal, I was sick and I could not continue my education. The LORD exactly pinpointed the cause and helped to get rid of it thru Prayers. After the prayer, I received back my anointing, ability to praying in tongues. I feel so relieved and renewed in spirit. Praise the LORD for Ask Prayer team and prayer partners for their continuous prayer support.


Sep 2013                                                                   - AS​                                                                          

Asthma Deliverance

My daughter suffers from bad Asthma every winter. Last fall, she had to be admitted in hospital for breathing problem. We requested ASK prayer team to pray for her. LORD blessed her with NO Asthma trouble for the entire month. Praise the LORD!


Jun 2013                                                                   - PT

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