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ASK 25th Prayer Night Message 

                 By Pastor.John Prabaharan

ASK 25th prayed night was graced by Prophetic and Divine healing evangelist Bro. John Prabaharan and Sis. Angel from “Jesus Is the Lord” ministry, India. Hallelujah! We are indeed blessed.

Brother started with a question to all of the ASK Prayer partners.

  • What are we ASKing LORD for?

We are asking LORD for our rights, for his justice, and our promises in him. The Inheritance of being his Child, Our birth right of being a GOD’s child in the form of healing or salvation or deliverance from any evil power is our supplication.

We are not praying or battling for extravagance or luxury. But for the rightful blessings that the LORD has set apart for us.

  •  How LORD blesses us?

3 kinds of blessing are what the LORD has for us for what we ASK for.

1. Eternal Blessings
Psalm 21:6 NLT
You have endowed him with eternal blessings

Lord replies the prayers with “Permanent” blessings not short term temporary blessings

2. Abundant Blessings
Ephesians 3:20 NLT
Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

Lord replies the prayers with “Infinitely Abundant” blessings not meager blessings.

3. Public Blessings
Mathew 6:6 NLT
But when you pray, go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in private. Then your Father, who sees everything, will reward you.

Lord replies the “secret” prayers with “Public” blessings.

There was an incident in a wedding in Kanyakumari.  Groom side created problem in the wedding because of some dowry issues. The Bride’s father got so upset and decided to call off the wedding. In spite of the apology by the Groom later, Bride’s father still wanted to call off the wedding. He was at the gate of the Marriage hall making Rufus and many of the relatives were around him were trying to convince him. The Poor Bride was at the Altar crying inconsolably. Suddenly, the bride’s father came with bright and shining smile, gave the bride in marriage and the wedding went very well. Then somebody noticed that the Bride’s father is still at the gate fighting.  Everyone wondered about that person who was in Bride’s father disguise. It is JESUS CHRIST, because the bride made a tearful plea to the LORD like this.

“Jesus, My Dear father.
Do you want your daughter’s wedding to be stalled like this by my own earthly father? Aren’t you my father, LORD? How can you allow this to happen in your daughter’s marriage?  Will I be put to shame amongst the public?”

The LORD heard the prayer and he himself came as the Bride’s father. The reason being, HE IS actually our Father. He listens to our secret prayers and fulfills the prayers as public Testimony.

Persistent Soul in Christ of Thailand – An Interesting story:
Let us see in detail through another real incident:

There was a 70 Yr old woman who accepted Christ as her savior in her last days in a small village of Thailand. She praised, prayed and rejoiced HIS name. The Restored peace of Christ in her life brought her new found joy. She could not contain that Joy, that she would proclaim HIS name all day. The village who had known only Buddhism as their religion frowned at the old lady’s joy and happiness. They called her for a town hall meeting and warned her. She would not care. To their dismay, she was even more happy as a lark, singing the love of Christ.  They threatened her that they will disown her and she would die as an orphan. She laughed at them and told that she has a huge family in Christ all over the world.

One day the village elders decide to teach her a lesson. They decide to dump all the trash in her back yard. The old lady has no family or friends to support her because of her Christ following. So they thought she will succumb to their final act.
As they started to dump the trash, the old lady’s life in her house became miserable. She started getting rodents inside her home, scavengers circled her home. She had no place to stay elsewhere. The stink was unbearable. She prayed to the LORD with tears.
Dear GOD,
I am weak. I have no one to stand for me. Please help LORD. Deliver me from this trouble.

Nothing happened. As she waited for LORD to answer the pile just grew up like a big hillock in her backyard. She kept up her faith. She told her Church pastor in the City. He also said that they should continuously lift them up in praying. He encouraged her “Our LORD is the lord of hosts, his plans are always big. Let us not cease praying.”

Meanwhile there was a electricity generating plant opened by a Japanese company to generate electricity from garbage. There was an inauguration planned and the CEO has flown down from Japan to cut the ribbon. Unfortunately the input material the garbage that is supposed to come has delayed and the inauguration is stalled.

The manager of the plant was called and ordered to get truck load of local garbage to run the plant immediately.  Upset and worried Manager unable to find that amount of garbage happened to go by the village. He was surprised to see so much garbage at one place. Surprised, he reached out to the owner of the house & garbage, the Old lady and asked if he can take away the garbage for money. He offered to give 27,000 bahts (Thai currency). The Old lady was shocked and speechless. The Manager brought trucks and cleaned the backyard thoroughly. Old lady’s joy knew no bounds. She thanked LORD for his mysterious works. Next day, the manager came back and gave additional 10,000 bahts. He explained that the quality of the garbage was “A” grade and so he offered additional 10,000 bahts.

The Old lady thanked the manager and took the money to Pastor in the City. Pastor was stunned and was about to pass out listening to the wonder. Pastor asked the Old lady what she wants to do with the money, she replied in a heartbeat that she want to build a Church in her backyard where the villagers dumped the trash. As per her request, a wooden church of Christ was built in her backyard. Later there many souls from the village got saved and the Church still exists in that Village of Thailand.
Our problem, persecution would be large, smelly and unbearable. But the LORD sees our tears and hears our prayers. He resolves the problem in a mightier way than our human minds can comprehend. Hallelujah!

Let us all keep ASKing and see the prayer requests turning into Praise points.  Our prayers would turn let great things unfold in our life.  Praise the LORD!

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