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About us

On October 18, 2012 Thursday LORD spoke to Dii in a huge hall filled with women entrepreneurs,  insurance industry leaders and front runners to start a Friday Night Prayer night. As she was attending the leadership conference, her mind was all about what LORD had spoken to her earlier. The First prayer night humbly began on Oct 19, 2012 with two people in the call, Dii and Holy spirit knelt in the narrow space between her bed and wall. In a hour later, LORD sent an anointed soul to join, who would later become ASK team's spiritual mother. In the next week her Sisters in Christ and Friends in Christ joined to strengthen the Prayer team. ASK Prayer team received prayer partners from Canada and India, there by making it officially International prayer group. Ever since, the prayer team is led by the LORD.

Starting 2014, ASK Prayer team meets every Saturday between 6.00 AM CST to 8.30 AM CST. Prayer team follows the ACT format. (Adoration, Confession & Thanksgiving)Agenda will be mailed in advance with the calling number details. To join the Prayer Night email for conference number details. Prayer Requests are compiled and prayed without ceasing in each prayer night. Worship songs are sung by prayer partners. Prayers are made in English and in Tamil (native language of South India & Northern Srilanka)

ASK Prayer team is supported in Prayers by -  Jesus Is The Lord ministry, Obey Me Ministry. Many more sisters in Christ and prayer partners. GAP sisters are inspiration for ASK Prayer team.

ASK Prayer team gathers its strength from HIS holy presence and joy in witnessing prayers answered.


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